Thanks for Sharing the Journey with Us


Bobby Fisher


"I'm exhausted, but highly uplifted. The concert was spectacular! Great crowd! Don't know yet how much we raised, but I know it was substantial. Musicianship was through the roof! So wonderful to make music with friends and family for such an important cause! As Annie so beautifully sang, "We're all a part of one world!" Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!!"


Bill Tonnis

 "Thanks to all who came out to the concert last night at Bellarmine. I was honored to be a part of it...and humbled at all the amazing musicians who donated their time and talents!"


Paulette Meier

 Dear Bobby (and Greg and Steve. :) 

Just want to add my voice the others who have expressed their appreciation and gratitude.  The evening far surpassed my expectations as far as the sheer energy, talent, and passion that flowed that night!  I was very grateful to have been included in the mix and to have been able to be accompanied by such talented musicians.(And if we get to do it together again sometime, I'll make sure we double check the key before going on, and practice the downbeat more!) . I did hear so many wonderful comments from everyone afterwards! 

Greg Pierson

 "Thanks Bobby for bringing us all together. To be able to perform with so many great musicians and singers was a great honor and a blessing! "

Comments from Concert Attendees

 "It was truly uplifting and inspiring! Thanks to everyone who gave of their time and talent to do this!" 

 "Thank you, Bobby. The concert was wonderful—a message of hope, resurrection!!!"


"I am so happy that it was such a huge success! Congratulations on a job well done (with lots of love and talent involved!)"


"Great way to raise money for a good cause."